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Can't lose those last 5-10 lbs.?

Why you should put down the scale and pick up the dumbbells.

Strong is the new skinny is a popular expression these days and I'm a huge believer that if we shift our focus to getting stronger you will be much happier with the results and the whole process.

So it turns out that building muscle is the key to successful, lasting transformation. Read that again..... successfull and lasting. That's what you want, right? You want to get to a place where you feel confident and not worrying about losing those same 5-10 lbs. every other month!

What I see most people do is overdo it with cardio and excessive calorie restriction. This strategy might help you lose weight initially but you will also lose muscle and not be able to maintain this strategy for very long. You also may not be able to visably notice your weight loss.

So instead focus on fueling your body properly, eating enough protein and strength training at least 2-3 times a week. Try this for 1 month and notice the difference on how you feel and look!

If you have any questions click below to schedule a consult, I'm happy to help you get started.


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